We fuse extensive financial & quant experience with an expert scientific approach

Daniel Baeriswyl


PhD in Bioengineering from UCL

Prev. UBS FX Investment Bank

MSc Mechanical Engineering ETH Zurich

Guillaume Pernelle


PhD Computational Neuroscience, 

Imperial College London
Prev. Software developer
MSc TU München.
MSc Centrale Marseille

Anisse Ismaili

Head of Algorithm Development 

PhD Algorithmic Game/Decision Theory - Pierre and Marie Curie University
Post-doc in Artificial Intelligence - Kyushu University
MSc AI and OR - Marie Curie University

Jean David Wurtz


PhD in Biophysics, Imperial College London
MSc Theoretical physics Politecnico di Torino

Ravi Sidhu 

Head Markets & Trading 

Derivatives Trading & Quantitative Research, Deutsche Bank & Barclays Capital, 15 years
Masters in Finance, London Business School
MEng Computer Science, Imperial College

Dmitry Rusakov

Quantitative Researcher 

12 years experience, High-Frequency Quant Trader
PhD in Machine Learning, Technion,

Israel Institute of Technology

George Marangos-Gilks 


Founder, CEO Tab Media, $11m raised
BA Political Science, Cambridge University

Judge Business School, Cambridge University

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