Portfolio Services.

Equity & Digital Asset Portfolios


We offer a suite of investor portfolios with a growing track record of stable risk-adjusted returns. 

Unique Alpha

Magic Carpet outperforms market Beta (i.e. indexed returns) and competing investment funds. Innovative Deep Learning methods offer unique Alpha, which is uncorrelated to much of the systematic community.

Modular & Transposable 

Our trading infrastructure is fully automated. Modular architecture allows for rapid iteration and scalable deployment. The AI framework is cash agnostic and deployable across multiple asset classes and markets.  

Conservative Alpha & Risk 

Strict diversification, risk and stability controls are built into the fundamental foundations of our AI architecture. Algorithms are trained to conservatively and safely outperform, with risky and speculative positions being heavily penalised.  Strategies are only selected for deployment with strong Sharpe, low volatility and Beta close to zero. 


Thereafter, risk management is systematic using a modified VaR model with hardcoded controls to immunize the portfolio in the event of unacceptable drawdown. Inside these absolute VaR limits, we employ a degree of dynamic modelling to remain adaptive to market opportunities.